Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Father's Day

I know this is really late considering Father's Day was back in June but I am going to make an attempt at getting caught up. Dereck and Haylee have a special hobby that they both enjoy and love to do together. It is FISHING! He is also hoping to carry that hobby through to Brooke when she gets a little more interested in going with him. So we only found it appropriate to do what Daddy loves doing most with his girls and go fishing for Father's Day. My family came down and we all went to the fish hatchery and fed the fish and then went fishing out of one of the lakes at the fish hatchery. It turned out being really windy so we didn't stay fishing for long and decided to go do some sight seeing instead. We went to a really neat waterfall with my family and then went out for some yummy ice cream. The next day, Dereck and I and the girls went to another waterfall in the canyon by the Perrine Bridge. You can actually hike up to it and stand underneath it. It was amazing and we didn't even know it was there until we decided to drive down into the canyon. We all had a great time and I hope my husband had a good Father's Day with his girls.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kalea's Graduation

My sister-in-law graduated from high school this year. We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments even if she did go to our rival school, Burley H.S. She not only just graduated from high school but also finished her EMT course shortly before graduating. Now she plans to move on to bigger and better things and starts college at Lewis and Clark to start on her nursing degree.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spring is in the Air!!

I am pretty sure every time I blog, I talk about how I should blog more but I just don't. I keep saying I will get better about it and it has now been 5 months since I last posted. So I am going to attempt to catch up within the next week and then hopefully I will get better. Although, I am making no promises. Anyways.....Spring is in the air! Which means our already busy lives are only going to become busier. We always have so much more going on in the spring and summer than we do any other time of the year that I will have lots to blog about for the next couple of months. On to the updating.....Haylee did soccer this spring, and although I know she had fun with it, I think I enjoyed it more than she did. Brooke even got into it! But now that soccer is over, Haylee has been bugging me to let her do dance. I will have to think a little harder on that one.
After we closed on our house, we decided we could move on with our lives and start buying some things we knew we had wanted to buy but had to wait for since we were in the process of buying our house. So we bought 4-wheelers for the whole family. They were supposed to be a Christmas present but came just a little late. The kids love riding around on their little 4-wheeler and I have to admit I really enjoy having one of my own too! Now that we have dangerous toys in our house, I proceeded to buy life insurance policies for the whole family as well.

Haylee finished up preschool in the middle of May and I don't think Haylee will be the only one missing it. Haylee had a great teacher that made this year fun and memorable for our whole family and we will truly miss having her as a teacher this next year. But Haylee is very excited to be moving on to K-4 and experiencing a new teacher and classroom. So that pretty much covers anything major that happened within the months of January through the middle of May. Now on to doing posts for the last month or so.....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Denver Vaca!

So we knew we wanted to make a trip down to Denver this summer to see my family and get away, but it made it even easier to decide to make it down there when one of my old friends from Idaho (she now lives in Colorado Springs) let me know she was getting married in May in Colorado Springs. So this time around, we decided to spend a little more money and fly instead of drive to save our sanity. Even though, we later realized after getting on the airplane that driving may have ended up being better as Brooke did not want to sit still for any part of the flight. Lucky for us, she was much better on the way back home. We stayed with my Uncle Stew and cousins for most of our trip, and I really enjoyed being able to spend some time with them just hanging out. Needless to say.....we had a BLAST and I am so glad that everything worked out for us to have this nice getaway.

Since Haylee enjoyed the aquarium so much the last time, we could not miss out on hitting up the Downtown Denver Aquarium again. This time both kids got to enjoy it!
Since we were already going to be in Colorado Springs for Madison's wedding, we decided to stay there overnight and do some sight seeing. Madison's wedding was at a beautiful place called Blue Skies Inn Bed and Breakfast. The kids enjoyed wearing their new dresses and showing them off and even Dereck and I dressed up for the occasion (even though there are no pics of us). Madison also married a guy named Derek so I guess we both have the same taste in names. Congratulations to Madi and Dereck Switzer!
While we were in Colorado Springs, we visited Garden of the Gods. It was absolutely breathtaking! I couldn't help myself from taking a million pictures.

We also had to stop back by the Denver Zoo again since we only made it through about half the zoo the last time. This time, we started on the other end of the zoo and made it through the other half before we called it a day when we were all getting too hot, tired, and hungry to go on. We finally made it through the whole zoo! It only took us two visits to do it. Maybe next time we will get really ambitious and try to do the whole zoo in one visit. We had a great trip and are already planning our next trip to Denver.