Friday, October 23, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

House News!

So here I am once again giving some news about our house situation. It seems neverending sometimes. The bad news is.......the house we are in now that we were trying to buy completely fell through about 3 weeks ago. After much waiting and convincing, the bank decided to deny our offer and closed out our file. The good news is......we found another house we loved that same day and it is only a block and a half from where we are at now. The even greater news is......this house is not a short sale (although it is bank owned) which means we don't have to go through the whole long process and waiting. And the even greater news is.......the bank accepted our offer and we now have the paperwork going to close. We should be able to close within 30 days or less and we can move in! Yay! So here is a picture of the house and I will put up more after we do our home inspection on Friday.....

Wax Museum

Have I mentioned I love my daughter's school?!? Haylee's school does some really neat things throughout the year and the great thing is is that the preschool class participates in most everything that the older kids do. Her school just put on their very own wax museum where they dressed up to represent a book that they have read and then displayed themselves in their classrooms as a character from that book. The school does this project to help the students enjoy a reading project and gain a love of reading. Haylee's class dressed up as mice from Cinderella and her teacher played the part of Cinderella. They had to be still like wax for 30 minutes while parents and other classes came through to see their project. Haylee had a really fun time with the project and she even made her own mouse ears in class for the big day.

Happy B-Day Haylee

Haylee turned the big 4 last Wednesday! I have to be honest, it makes me feel a little old knowing I have a 4 year old now running around. Haylee was so excited for her birthday this year that she had been talking about what she wanted since Brooke's birthday. We decided to let Haylee choose what she wanted for her birthday dinner and her fun activity this year. So she chose to go to Gertie's (which is an all you can eat pizza place) and bowling. She also did a birthday party with her preschool class at school which consisted of letting the kids decorate their own cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles (what was I thinking on that one!). More pictures to come later.....