Friday, April 3, 2009

Job Updates, Moving, Etc.

It has only been a week since I last blogged but I feel like a ton has happened lately. To begin with.....this last weekend we were doing some job hunting and found a maintenance mechanic position opening at the Simplot in Caldwell. We were feeling a little optimistic about this job because they wanted previous maintenance experience (which Dereck doesn't have) but decided to go ahead and revise Dereck's resume and submit it anyways. On Tuesday, while checking the Boise newspaper for nursing jobs, I came across a job in Richland, Washington at Kadlec Medical Center that sounded to be quite promising. Feeling frustrated about my job situation, I decided to call the facility to get some more information and left a message for the nurse recruiter. On Wednesday, Dereck received a call from the Simplot in Caldwell and they asked him if he could do a phone interview the next morning. At this point, I was feeling pretty bummed and a little jealous as I have submitted about 5 applications in the last month and have not heard a thing. But anyways....on Thursday morning, he had his phone interview and they told him they would get back with him in the next week or so. By 2 o'clock, he had received a phone call back from the Simplot in Caldwell asking him if he could come there on Monday to take his JSE test and tour the plant. He also got invited go to lunch with all of the maintenance leads in the plant. Later that day, I finally received a phone call back from Kadlec Medical Center. After finding out some more information from the nurse recruiter and talking with him about the available Pediatrics position, I was starting to feel really good about what this hospital had to offer and then the nurse recruiter offered me a phone interview for next Friday. So as you can now see, we have a slight problem. Dereck is probably going to get a job offer at the Simplot in Caldwell and I am doing a phone interview with a hospital in Washington. And to complicate things, we still have yet to hear anything on our house. So I guess we have some big decisions to make.